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The Jerusalem Pilgrim's Cross

Posted on 9 October, 2016 at 11:10

October 05, 2016

The Jerusalem Pilgrim's Cross (Signum Sacri Itineris Hierosolymitani) is an honour awarded by the Pope as a recognition of merit to pilgrims to the Holy Land

HRH Pilgrim Prince Nugzar Bagrationi-Gruzinski, Singular Heir to the Throne of the Royal House of Georgia, received the Jerusalem Pilgrim's Gold Cross, (i.e., Signum Sacri Itineris Hierosolymitani), which is an honor awarded to selected pilgrims to the Holy Land by the Pope of Rome in recognition of meritorious works and/or service. The medal can only be conferred at the office of the Custody of the Holy Land in Jerusalem, (i.e., the Minister Provincial of the Order of Friars Minor in the Middle East). The Custos presents it to deserving pilgrims in the name of the Sovereign and Pontiff of the Vatican City State.

Since 1973, the Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land has sponsored the Christian Information Centre in Jerusalem, opposite the Tower of David near Jaffa Gate. The aim is to provide information on Christianity and on the Holy Land. This important, wide-ranging initiative is designed to offer a service that is indispensable in a city like Jerusalem, for those wishing to learn as much as possible about Christianity in the Holy Land and the Holy Land in relation to Christianity.


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